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Pure Node.js simple rate limiting server to prevent bruteforce attacks

This project is maintained by yonjah

Ralphi Client

Client for ralphi pure Node.js rate limiting server

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Ralphi is a simple rate limiting server intended to prevent bruteforce attacks on logins and other sensitive assets.

For more info about Ralphi other components see ralphi

Client Installation

$ npm install -s ralphi-client


const host = 'localhost';
const port = 8910;
const RalphiClient = require('ralphi-client');
const client = new RalphiClient({port, host});

async function handler (req, res) { //in your handler code
    const limit = await client.take('login', req.ip);
    if (limit.conformant) {
        //allow access
        return `Request was done. You have ${limit.remaining} more requests until ${new Date(limit.ttl * 1000)}`;
    } else {
        //reject access
        throw new Error(`You have made too many requests. You can send ${limit.size} requests after ${new Date(limit.ttl * 1000)}`);

Config options


Ralphi Client is using a Promise API all methods return Promises